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Disaster Recovery

– Businesses of all sizes rely on information technology as a crucial component of their day-to-day operations. Surprisingly, Info-Tech Research Group reports that almost 60% of North American businesses do not have an IT Disaster Recovery plan.

Capris offers a flexible suite of solutions to support our customers IT Disaster Recovery goals. Whether you require secure and redundant Colocation space for your IT assets, an offsite data archive for critical information or fully replicated secondary environments, Capris delivers dependable solutions to keep customers systems available. More

Business Continuity

is a broader focus on running your business and maintaining services for customers, suppliers and other key entities like regulators or financial institutions. It is proactive planning to ensure that critical business functions are available, not something implemented at the time of a disaster.

Capris Emergency Space is available to ensure your key employees have a secure, available and comfortable environment to continue to run your business. Our shared environment offers fully equipped workspace at price points affordable by any sized organization. Dedicated or customized environments are available for organizations with regulatory or privacy requirements. More

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